Health Executive Assistant – Provide administrative support to the Home Care and Community Health departments. As the Health Executive assistant, you will provide general clerical support, including updating and maintaining the client filing system. This position requires excellent organization, communication and time management skills.
The Health Executive Assistant primarily will work on site, however may at times be required to work off site.
Administrative Assistant – The Administrative Assistant provides support to the Administration team handling a diverse set of administrative duties within the Administration Department. As the Administrative Assistant you will be responsible for greeting clients in person and on the phone, directing clients to the appropriate program area. Part of the role will include the reviewing, prioritizing and responding to emails, organizing documents, maintaining records scheduling meetings and taking minutes, etc. This position requires an individual with strong attention to detail, exceptional organizational and time management skills and the ability to multitask.
The administrative Assistants primarily work on site
Finance Comptroller – The Finance Comptroller is primarily responsible to develop and control the annual budget and long-term financial plans. This position will administer the organization’s funds according to the approved budget, and monitor its financial expenditures. This role will also develop and implement short- and long-term financial plans and forecasts in accordance with business goals and objectives. As the Finance Comptroller you will be required to have strong attention to detail, excellent communication & presentation skills, problem solving skills and initiative.
The Finance Comptroller primarily works on site.
Human Resource – Human resource is responsible for maintaining Human Resource operations by managing personnel files/records, providing Human resource support to management, supervisors and employees. The Human Resource Technician works with managers, other human resources professionals, union representatives and Finance etc. This Position requires, strong communication, problem solving and conflict Management skills.
The administrative Assistants primarily work on site.
Operational & Maintenance Liaison
The Operational & Maintenance Liaison (O&M) is Lead Custodian is an essential role in maintaining the building, mechanical equipment and grounds. In addition to regular building maintenance functions, the O&M Liaison provides direct support to employees in the set up and maintenance of furniture and equipment. The O&M Liaison is also responsible to implement safety and security procedures. As the O&M liaison you will be required to have good communication skills, exceptional attention to detail and initiative.

The O&M Liaison primarily works on site.