Our Mission is to empower Niitsitapi in their healing journey by providing continued services with kimmapiipitsin and reclaiming niitsitapiiysinni.

Our Vision is to assist in healing journey with dignity and integrity which promotes self-respect and to have healthy families in a strong community.

 Contact Information:

Phone: 403-965-3919

Fax: 403-965-2153

PPCS Programs:

  • Community wellness
  • Addictions Specialist
  • System Navigation
  • Outreach support
  • Inii Healing House – pre-treatment live-in facility
  • Katoyiss Clan (opioid peer support)
  • AHS mental health therapist

PPCS Services:

  • Detox pre-treatment and treatment referrals
  • 24-hour opioid support
  • Naloxone training
  • Needle pick up
  • Community events
  • Wellness workshops
  • Traditional and cultural activities

Addictions Specialists

are dedicated to serving the needs of our community. With their expertise and compassionate approach, they provide comprehensive support and guidance to individuals seeking assistance in their journey towards recovery from addiction.

Services provided by the Addiction Specialist:

  • 1-on-1 counselling
  • Pre-treatment, detox, and treatment referrals
  • Community events and wellness workshops
  • Traditional and cultural activities
  • Housing referrals
  • zoom appointments
  • Intervention planning, support, and facilitation
  • VODP connections
  • Community addiction support
  • Mental health referrals
  • System navigation supports
  • Post treatment services: relapse prevention, aftercare supports, solution focused materials

Community Outreach Support Worker

offers essential services tailored to meet the needs of individuals who may encounter challenges accessing transportation to and from recovery services. Through our dedicated Community Outreach Support Workers, we extend a helping hand to this group, ensuring they receive the necessary assistance and support on their journey towards recovery. Additionally, our team actively engages with the community by organizing and hosting various events, fostering collaboration with local stakeholders to promote a supportive and inclusive environment for all.

Transportation: (24-hour noticed required)

  • Appointments
  • Inii residents
  • Addictions specialist clients
  • ODP transports
  • Support with community referrals

Katoyiss Clan

Also known as our Opioid Peer Support Program offers a secure haven for individuals within our vulnerable population, serving as a steadfast resource open 24 hours a day. Located at the revitalized site formerly known as Napi’s Playground, this program provides a safe environment to seek refuge from the elements, ensuring warmth and comfort. Within its doors, visitors are greeted with a compassionate presence and offered nourishing meals or convenient bagged lunches, fostering a welcoming atmosphere for connection and support.

Services provided by Katoyiss Clan:

  • Daily client check-ins
  • Distributing harm reduction supplies
  • Distributing nasal NARCAN
  • NARCAN training
  • Showers/laundry available on certain days (sign-up required)
  • Free AHS ID program, assisting people with getting government identification

Katoyiss Class 24-hour cell number: 403-632-7054

Inii Healing House

serves as a pre-treatment center dedicated to providing comprehensive support and care for individuals on their path to recovery. With round-the-clock staff available onsite, our facility ensures the safety and well-being of residents at all times. Our committed Healing House team is devoted to empowering residents with essential life skills and education, particularly focusing on the impacts and repercussions of opioid use. Inii Healing House honors the wisdom of elders by inviting them to share their invaluable insights, enriching the therapeutic environment and fostering a deeper understanding of cultural healing practices within the community.

Inii Healing House provides:

  • stable housing for those looking to get into treatment
  • 8 beds to utilize (4 male and 4 female)
  • Communal living – chores and other duties


  • Plans to enter treatment (staff available to assist in the application process)
  • Must be from a referral from a detox center, medical detox, or jail, and a minimum of 5-7 days in detoxing before entrance allowed into Inii
  • Individuals on Methadone or Suboxone must be on a stable dosage that enables them to be alert for sessions

At Inii, we take privacy seriously. Both our staff and residents can trust that their information is kept private. We follow the policies set by the Nation and Inii Healing House to make sure everyone’s privacy is respected.

Inii Healing House phone number: 403-965-3063

Emergency Contact Information:

24-hour Crisis Line:


Mental Health Helpline:


Kids Help Phone:


Indigenous Support Line:


Addictions Services:


Alberta Income Support:


Family Violence Info Line:


Child Intervention Crisis Unit:


Grief and Loss Counselling:


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