Community Health

Community Health is dedicated to fostering and promoting healthy lifestyles among community members of all ages. Through a diverse array of programs and events, we prioritize health initiatives aimed at encouraging positive habits and behaviors. Our comprehensive approach emphasizes the cultivation of healthy living habits, ensuring the continuous improvement and maintenance of individual and community health within Piikani Nation.

Primary Focus:

Health Promotion
Disease and Injury Prevention
Population Health
Health Education

Iitasoksistawa’siop Fitness Centre

Summer hours:

Monday – Friday

8:30 AM – 4:30 PM


Infant and Child Care

  • Prenatal Classes – 3 to 4 times yearly
  • Postnatal home visits and follow-up
  • Well Baby Clinics – Child Immunizations (CHIP)
  • Preschool Assessments
  • Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program – (CPNP)- Better Beginnings (coupon program) to promote health nutrition


Child/School Health

  • School Immunizations (CHIP)
  • Health Education and Promotion
  • Parent Conferences
  • Career Day
  • Back to School Bash
  • Christmas Festivial


Adult/Elders Health

  • Tetanus Booster Blitz – Treaty Day
  • Influenza (Flu) Vaccine – October
  • Mammograms – Mobile Unit
  • Prostate (PSA Test) – Man-Van
  • Women’s Health – Cervical Screening
  • Golfing for Men’s Health
  • Golfing for Women’s Health
  • Mental Health Softball
  • Elder’s Chair Fitness Program
  • Walking Club
  • Terry Fox Run
  • Movember

  • Community Health Programs


Injury Prevention

  • Baby Sitting Course
  • Bike Rodeo
  • Young Chefs
  • Well Baby Clinics
  • Communicable Disease Program



  • Workshops at school and other agencies
  • Provide awareness in Prenatal Classes
  • HIV/AIDS Walk/ Workshops in the community
  • CHR’s share expertise with other communities (by invitation)


Communicable Disease Program

  • Blood and Bodily Fluid Diseases – (Hepatitis, etc.)
  • Enteric (intestines) Infections (Shigella, etc)
  • Tuberculosis Control
  • Head Lice Treatment
  • Dog/Animal Bites
  • Pandemic Plan – mass immunizations, Emergency Operations Plan (EOP)
  • Workshops/Education/Awareness


Environmental Health

  • Identify and assess health hazards
  • Assist to reduce impacts of health hazards (e.g. mice, mold, etc.)
  • Inspections of food facilities
  • Review plans and design of facilities
  • Yearly sampling of all household water systems
  • Yearly sampling of wells and cisterns
  • Assist in control of communicable disease (promote handwashing, etc.)
  • Home inspections – EHO & CHR


ADI – Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative

  •  To plan diabetes prevention and intervention care with clients and caregivers
  • To promote diabetes awareness
  • To plan Diabetes Walk/ Workshops


Canadian Prenatal Nutrition Program (CPNP) Better Beginnings

  • To support prenatal/postnatal clients on good nutrition
  • Coupons provided for fruit, vegetables, milk, etc.
  • Food security programs – Good Food Bags, Community Kitchen, etc.


Maternal Child Health Program

  • Support for pregnant women and children (0-6 yrs old)
  • Home visits to provide support and education
  • Referral to services needed


Chronic Disease Program – (in planning)

  • Home visitation component
  • Assessment and mentoring of clientele
  • Referral to Home Care
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